Glossary of Terms

Account statement
A summary of account holdings from your bank, brokerage firm, fund administrator or transfer agent (within the last 6 months). This shows the account value and formal name on the account.
Digital signature
An electronic signature that encrypts documents with digital codes, making it difficult to duplicate.
Management of an estate for someone who died without leaving a legal will. This is typically done under court supervision.
Medallion signature
A special guarantee that the signature is genuine, where the institution that provided the medallion signature accepts liability for any forgery. Used for the transfer of securities.
Share price is not listed on a public exchange.
Price per share
The value of a single share of stock.
The process of determining the validity of a will.
Publicly traded
A stock that is traded on a public stock exchange, which has a listed share price, and can be purchased by anyone.
Accepted only in certain states and is used when people die who have a small estate and no will, it fast-tracks the resolution of the estate through probate court.
Statement of
A certificate that states the owner of securities. This is frequently a physical stock certificate, but can be digital as well.
A form that transfers ownership of stocks to a new owner. It requires a signature guarantee.
Ticker symbol
A unique abbreviation used to identify public companies.
Manages ownership of company stock, by adding new shareholder names and removing former shareholder names from the master shareholder listing.
Transfer form
Similar to a stock power, it states who is transferring shares to whom. It requires a medallion stamp.