eSignature Guarantee was founded by Seth Farbman, Yoel Goldfeder and Moshe Joshua to provide a better way for shareholders to receive medallion signature guarantee stamps.

seth farbman at esignature guarantee

Seth Farbman

Seth likes to build companies that solve problems he faces in the marketplace, which is why he started eSignature Guarantee. Read full bio »

yoel goldfeder at esignature guarantee

Yoel Goldfeder

With over 15 years practicing corporate and securities law, Yoel is perfect for ensuring that eSignature Guarantee finds the right way to serve it's customers. Read full bio »

moshe joshua at esignature guarantee

Moshe Joshua

Moshe writes elegant code that ensures eSignature Guarantee visitors have an exceptional user experience. Read full bio »

adir farbman at esignature guarantee

Adir Farbman

As VP, Adir keeps an eye out for eSignature Guarantee's customers...and its shareholders. Read full bio »

About eSignature Guarantee

eSignature Guarantee is a unique, patent-pending online platform which allows stockholders to obtain a signature guarantee for the transfer of securities. It also offers you the ability to sign your documents via digital signature and upload them to us.